Airflo Beach: Floating

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Whether you are fishing for sea run cutties in the Sound, halibut in southern California, or stripers off the Cape, a line that will deliver a fly into the wind with less effort is invaluable.

Airflo Beach lines have a condensed head length and aggressive tip diameter to handle longer leaders and heavy flies, and are designed to cast well both single-hand and two-hand rods.

Three available densities help ensure that you’re presenting your fly to the fish, not above or below them. Intermediate lines come in a full intermediate version, or a version with intermediate head and floating running line.

Front loops: All models feature a front loop

Tip & Front Taper:  The extended front taper helps casts to land gently, even at a distance.

Belly:  The 16.5′ belly is long enough to allow for distance casts, but not so long to require an advanced technique or significant effort to get it there.

Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading

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