Hou 14

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This is the bigger brother to the hōu-13, a touch longer and with a higher load carrying capability. A derivative from the great Peterborough Canoe Company, this boat was designed as the next boat up in a  ‘quiver’. It will carry a touch more load, track a little quicker and in reality be a touch more of a ‘multi tasking’ boat. As it’s a little longer and a little deeper than its smaller brother you will see a bit of a drier ride in the bouncy stuff and a touch more forward speed. Again this shape was designed as an all rounder so it will paddle well on the open water and flat river days too.

This boat is more of a ‘stretched baby Prospector’. The fine entry, shallow v hull provides good initial and secondary stability whilst a touch more length makes a noticeable difference to speed, especially when paddling solo. If you want a great all round solo boat that won't give you too much trouble on a windy day, and that allows you reasonable load capacity when you need it (be that for the dog, over night gear or a friend) then this is the boat for you. A fantastic 1 to 2 person boat that will paddle well on rivers, lakes and canals whilst not being too bulky when you need to move it around off the water even 'single handed'.

If I could only have one boat for day trips solo or tandem, this would be the boat I would buy. 

We make this boat in standard spec, which comes as per the main pictures with 2 seats, central yoke and carry handles.


Weight: 64 lbs
Carrying Capacity: 858 lbs.
Length: 14 Ft 11"
Width: 36"
Depth: 12"
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