New to the MWO team - Meet Ben

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New to the MWO team - Meet Ben

We are excited to introduce Ben, the newest member of our team. Ben has worked at fly shops in Michigan and Colorado. While out in Colorado, he was a fly fishing guide on the Gunnison.


How long have you been fishing, and how did you get started?

I have been fishing as long as I can remember, and I started fly fishing 7 years ago.

If you had the day off, where would you head to fish?

I am likely heading to Sugar Creek or up north to Michigan to fish with some old friends.

What is your perfect fishing day?

My perfect fishing day would be spent with my friends with the fishing being challenging enough to be suspenseful but not slow enough to be boring.

Favorite fishing outfit?

My favorite fishing outfit would be one the one that works for the given time of year and location.

Favorite fishing destination?

My favorite fishing location would be split between Colorado's Gunnison Gorge and Oregon's Metolius River, and maybe a trout stream or two in Michigan.

Wading, kayak, or boat?


Favorite activity when you’re not fishing?

When I'm not fishing, generally it is winter, and I am trying to get to some good snow on a snowboard

Favorite ice cream?

Pumpkin ice cream - greatest ice cream made not debatable.

Favorite book?

Favorite book will vary greatly depending on what I have read recently.  Habits of Rivers by Ted Leeson is one of my all-time favorites, along with some of my favorite books from my childhood - The Bears of Blue River and Tucket's Travels.