Indiana Summer Flies

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Indiana Summer Flies

Our go-to flies for your Indiana summer fly box!

If you're looking for ideas of what to add to your summer fly box, here are a few of our favorites!


Wiggle Minnow

An MWO favorite, the Wiggle Minnow is a must have for the fly box. A great blend of a topwater fly and streamer, this fly is fished best on a floating line. We also like to fish the fly with a loop knot at the end of the leader. The Wiggle Minnow can be fished several ways, but is most productive with long slow strips. This will cause the fly to dive below the surface and “wiggle” from side to side. The trick when fishing this fly is to use a strip strike to hook the fish. 



Mini Murdich Minnow

The Mini Murdich Minnow is a great low water baitfish pattern. It can fished both on floating and sinking lines. Our preferred method is an intermediate line with a short leader. The best way to fish this fly is with short, quick strips. This will cause the fly to start from side to side. 


Kraft’s Clawdad


Kraft’s Clawdad is a great crayfish pattern. You should always have a few crayfish patterns in your box, especially this time of year. We tend to fish this fly with a couple of different methods. The first way is on a standard leader with a strike indicator high up on the leader (on the butt section) with a floating line. The indicator does not suspend the fly like it would on a nymph rig but allows us to detect the strike. We use the rod tip to hop the fly down the run or through the hole we are fishing. Another method is to slow strip it like a streamer on either floating or sinking line. This is very effective when fishing along ledges and drop-offs on the creeks.