Meet the MWO Team - Marc

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Meet the MWO Team - Marc

Who is Moving Water Outfitters?

Meet Marc Dixon.




How long have you been fishing, and how did you get started?

I have been fishing since the time I could walk and fly fishing since about the age of 10. I bought an old fiber glass rod and an automatic reel at an antique auction and the rest is history.

If you had the day off, where would you head to fish?

I would grab a kayak or SUP and head to the Tippecanoe River.

What is your perfect fishing day?

As long as it starts early and ends late, they’re all perfect.

Favorite fly fishing outfit

One of my first “good” rods I purchased. A Scott E2 5 WT. 

Favorite fishing destination

Southern Chile

Wading, kayak, or boat?

A kayak if I’m fishing with guys that can’t row a drift boat. That way I don’t have to row them around all day.

Favorite activity when you’re not fishing?

Hanging with friends and family listening to live music. 

Favorite Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite book:

The most recent one - The Noticer: Andy Andrews

Anything interesting you think people would like to know about you

I love to travel and explore the world and share my favorite places with anyone willing to explore with me.  Colts, Pacer, Indycar and general sports nut.