Airflo Ridge 2.0 Streamer Shovelhead

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When you’re beating up the banks with flies with the mass of a small to mid-sized rodent, a fly line with some serious horsepower is required.  To get it down and fishing immediately requires an even bigger list of attributes not often found in standard lines.

With the big fly expertise of Kelly Galloup, the Streamer Max Shovelhead was designed with a double-weight forward design to make it punch at a higher weight class.  With the added mass in the front tip section of the line, it will turn over the flies that usually take a rod and line 2 to 3 sizes up.  Equally important:  the super fast sink material gets even the most bulky streamers down and “in the zone” in the first couple strips, so you don’t miss those bank-hugging hawgz.

Available in sizes 7wt to 9wt, the Streamer Max Shovelhead has a black sinking head section and gray (for the 280gr) or green (for the 330gr) running line.

Includes welded front loop

The head features an exceptionally fast sinking material for getting down immediately.

Tip & Front Taper:  Unique to the Shovelhead:  The front taper and front tip are the thickest part of the head.  This added mass helps add some horsepower when turning over the biggest streamers.

Belly:  The 16′ belly provides enough body to give the head enough length to reach out on longer casts.

Rear Taper:  The 5′ rear taper helps with quick, high-linespeed casts.

Running Line:  The Streamer Max Shovelhead features a floating running line

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