Native Watercraft 2024 Titan X Propel 10.5

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Equipped with the renowned Propel Pedal Drive, the Titan X allows you to effortlessly navigate any waterway with smooth, efficient, hands free, pedaling to get you where you want to go. Glide through the water with ease and reach your favorite fishing spots in record time.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips.

Experience the new Springblade rudder system, specially designed to give you ultimate control over your kayak's maneuverability. Effortlessly turn and track your way through even the trickiest water conditions, allowing you to access hidden fishing havens with precision and ease.

Unrivaled Electronics and Motor Capabilities.

There is no question, electronics and motorization is the name of the game. The Titan X sets a new standard in powered kayak versatility.

The core of this design features two battery compartments, providing ample space for all your power storage needs. In conjunction with those compartments are access points, and “PowerLinks” located all over the boat to make running wire, mounting switches, and charge points a breeze with easy access to all sections of the boat.

Seamlessly integrate your favorite fish finder, GPS, monitors, motors or other electronic devices, opening up a world of fishing possibilities.

Unparalleled Comfort for Extended Adventures.

Introducing the all new PivotPro Seating, featuring 360-degree non-locking swivel action to access all parts of your boat and all angles of fishing. PivotPro Seating puts your comfort first. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your position for pedaling or accessing your gear. PivotPro Seating allows you to maintain optimal comfort during those long, rewarding fishing trips.

PivotPro Seating also features underseat tackle storage for easy access to your most used gear.

Unmatched Stability for an Unforgettable Experience.

Stability is key, and the Titan X delivers in spades. Designed to keep you steady and secure, this kayak boasts unrivaled stability, ensuring you can cast, reel, and land your prized catch with confidence.

No more worries about tipping or losing balance - the TitanPropel has your back.

Focus on the fishing, the kayak will take care of the rest.

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