Meet the MWO Team - Mike

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Meet the MWO Team - Mike

Who is Moving Water Outfitters?

Meet Mike Exl, one of owners and general manager of Moving Water Outfitters.

How long have you been fishing, and how did you get started?

I started fishing when I was 3. I was lucky to grow up on a decent size lake in Northwest Indiana. Both my older brother and father fished, and I just followed.

If you had the day off, where would you head to fish?

It would depend on time of year, if it is October-April I’m definitely heading north to chase steelhead in Michigan. During the summer, any of the locals waters to chase carp.

What is your perfect fishing day?

My idea of a perfect day for fishing is standing in a river with steelhead during late fall. Little to no wind, air and water temp in the low 40s and a light rain. Swinging flashy streamers on a two-handed rod and just waiting for that tug on the line.

Favorite fishing outfit:

This is a tough one, so I’m going to say I have 2 actually. For swinging flies for Steelhead, I love my Sage 7126-4 Igniter paired with a RIO Skagit loaded on a 9 Plus Hatch Reel. For fishing locally, it would have to be my Sage 276-4 DART, RIO Creek fly line, and 2 Plus Hatch Reel. I have used this rod for just about everything that swims around here, including Carp. It is just so much fun to fish.

Favorite fishing destination:

Michigan, close to home, and you can literally fish for almost anything up there.

Wading, kayak, or boat?


Favorite activity when you’re not fishing:

Tying flies to go fishing

Favorite ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie

Favorite book

I love history, especially World War II, I have a collection of books that were my grandfather’s and I love reading through them.